Astral City (2010) 1h 45m

Astral City (2010) 1h 45m

Postby gilnv » Tue Mar 03, 2015 12:00 pm

Astral city is a movie with subtitles.

Its a beautiful movie about the afterlife of a doctor that dies and goes to a purgatory and then to a temporary heaven of sorts.

Some reviewers said it was an esoteric christian type of story, but I thought it seemed philosophically Eastern because it implied some karma (it never used the word 'karma'), although I suppose Christian afterlife considers intentions and karma type actions too. .

Anyway, if you can put up with subtitles (sometimes too brief for me), and you would like some good quality acting, directing, and special effects about possible afterlife, you can view Astral City for free on hulu. My TV is hooked up to my computer so watching is a treat.
The movie is based on a book by Chico Xavier. And some reviewers said it was related to NDE's or that the author was a medium that pyschically received all this. I simply liked it as a movie. Amazon reviewers gave it about 4 and a half stars so evidently they liked it too. The beginning of the movie jumped around, but the movie got easier to watch after a while.
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