Taming your Mammoth..

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Taming your Mammoth..

Postby Carrie » Thu Apr 09, 2015 8:53 am

This is a very funny and informative article.

I noticed a lot of people commenting in the FB and comments section that we still need to care what people think or we become callous and sociopathic. I disagree. Not really how it works for the majority of people, and in a way a sociopath still cares what others think, but the motives are different. They want to find out what people think solely to use it to their own advantage not because they worry about rejection or anybody else's well being.

http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/06/taming-ma ... -life.html
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Re: Taming your Mammoth..

Postby Bill » Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:23 am

One's authentic voice as one's puppet master instead of the default social survival mammoth. Very cool notion. And the idea fits in well with a world view that humans are animals that make their own choices.

Your Authentic Voice, somewhere in there, knows all about you. In contrast to the black-and-white simplicity of the Social Survival Mammoth, your Authentic Voice is complex, sometimes hazy, constantly evolving, and unafraid. Your AV has its own, nuanced moral code, formed by experience, reflection, and its own personal take on compassion and integrity. It knows how you feel deep down about things like money and family and marriage, and it knows which kinds of people, topics of interest, and types of activities you truly enjoy, and which you don’t. Your AV knows that it doesn’t know how your life will or should play out, but it tends to have a strong hunch about the right step to take next.

And while the mammoth looks only to the outside world in its decision-making process, your Authentic Voice uses the outside world to learn and gather information, but when it’s time for a decision, it has all the tools it needs right there in the core of your brain.

Your AV is also someone the mammoth tends to ignore entirely. A strong opinion from a confident person in the outside world? The mammoth is all ears. But a passionate plea from your AV is largely dismissed until someone else validates it.

And since our 50,000-year-old brains are wired to give the mammoth a whole lot of sway in things, your Authentic Voice starts to feel like it’s irrelevant. Which makes it shrink and fade and lose motivation.
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Re: Taming your Mammoth..

Postby whateverist » Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:03 pm

Nice. This is why I say I too have beliefs I can't justify inter-personally. Because I value what authentic mammoth thinks/feels/desires.

Bob Dylan wrote a song about how we are all "gonna have to serve somebody". Well I serve the authentic mammoth, even though it cannot not make a compelling case to Social Survival mammoth. Social survival mammoth, in my case, has decided to make a leap of faith of it and go all in with authentic mammoth. That doesn't mean Social Survival mammoth becomes irrelevant or just a bystander. Nope. What we have here is a partnership. Authentic mammoth wants input and participation from Social Survival mammoth. (Authentic mammoth is no dummy.)
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